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About Adam

I am a qualified life skills coach  and work in the field of visual thinking in Australia. I have been involved within the personal coaching industry for several years, and occasionally work as a public presenter speaking about the topics of visual thinking, mind mapping and self-improvement. I am also the founder of an accelerated learning tool known as an IQ Matrix.






My Journey

My journey towards life coaching and visual thinking

My journey of learning – leading up to the creation of the IQ Matrix – began in high school while I was undertaking my VCE studies. I wasn’t one of the most gifted or talented students, however I had an insatiable curiosity and appetite to learn what it was that separated the brightest and most intelligent students from the rest.

For me, those answers came several years after graduation when I dedicated myself to half a decade of research and study into the intricacies of human potential.

Over a period of many years I literally engrossed myself in reading hundreds of books and listening to audio programs around the clock, while attending numerous seminars, workshops and trainings that helped expand my knowledge and understanding of key areas for personal development.

Over this period I also obtained my life coaching qualifications, which further enhanced my knowledge, awareness and understanding about the dynamics of achieving our peak potential in business, academics, sports and life. This subsequently lead to the development of the MasterMind Matrix self-coaching tool, which essentially reveals my personal understanding of how our perspective of reality shapes our daily decisions, behaviors and actions.

The Development of the IQ Matrix

The development of the IQ Matrix concept was more of a journey rather than a sudden revelation.

I began using visual maps for learning while I was undertaking a psychology and later a business degree at university. Back then the concept of making a living using mind maps was far from my mind; nevertheless I was consistently experimenting with new strategies and techniques that could potentially cut down my study time and accelerate my learning ability.

Over these critical years the concepts and foundations slowly started to come together — particularly after I was introduced to a mind mapping book written by Tony Buzan.

I incorporated these mind mapping principles into my study routine and discovered that they helped me enhance my understanding of the material in unexpected ways. For starters, I was saving an incredible amount of time, and learning for the first time had become very easy, insightful, enjoyable and exciting. My university grades immediately improved and I discovered something incredibly fascinating that I never thought I had the potential to do: I developed the capacity for a photographic memory.

Over the coming years I would do further research into not only mind mapping but also many other forms of mapping and visual thinking methods that helped put the pieces of the puzzle together for the first time. I thought that if I could somehow combine the most potent and effective elements and ideas from each mapping method I studied, that I could dramatically accelerate my learning ability.

Soon these strategies evolved from paper mapping to computerized mapping — giving birth to the concept that is known today as an IQ Matrix.


IQ Matrix

IQ Matrix is dedicated towards helping you improve and maximize your potential through the use of a potent combination of mind mapping and life coaching principles. Each topic is focused on helping you gain the most from your business, academic, career, and life accomplishments.

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Visual Thinking Magic

Visual Thinking Magic is designed to help you revolutionize the way you think and solve life’s most difficult problems using unique visual thinking tools, techniques and strategies that are built upon a solid visual thinking framework that encourages you to think creatively.

Mind Map Art

Mind Map Art showcases 400+ of the world’s finest mind maps created by 40+ intriguing mind map artists. Each mind map has been hand-picked for publication onto the website and highlights the unique creative self-expression of some absolutely incredible mind map artists.




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